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The Academie Agencie - Millie Lewis Actors, Models and Talent Competition

Models and Actors Receive High Marks at International Event

(Fargo, ND) Stacey Ertelt, owner and director of the Academie Agencie, Fargo, and 9 local models and actors recently attended the American Model and Talent Convention in Orlando, FL, January 4-10, 2005. Attendance at this convention meant an opportunity for each model and actor to be chosen and placed in larger markets to represent such agencies as Elite, NY; Next, LA; Ford, NY; Jet, LA. AMTC success stories have gone on to national sitcoms, singing careers, movie stars and top models.

Ms Ertelt and her staff worked closely with each model and actor preparing them to audition at this national level event and now as they come back home, The Academie Agencie will do the follow-up essential in placing a model in large market. Going into this event Ms. Ertelt states, "We felt that we were probably at a disadvantage coming from such a small market like North Dakota. We thought that we (our models and agency as a whole) may be lacking in the training, experience and professionalism needed to be taken seriously at an international event." "Let's just say that our worries must have been the pre-event jitters because by the end of the event 8 of the 9 models and actors have large market interest and most of them were recognized with top awards at the event."

The models and actors Ms. Ertelt represented in the event range in age from 8 to 28 and their names and awards are as follows…

Christina Barta, Fingal, ND…Finalist in Photography

McKenzie Elliott, Fargo, ND…Finalist in TV Commercial

Lainey Hoff, Minot, ND

Nicolette Ihry, Hope, ND

Jessica Johnson, Grace City, ND…2nd Place in Runway, 3rd Place in Photography, and Finalist in TV Commercial, and Finalist for Overall Female Petite Model

Ashley Schwartz, Moorhead, MN…3rd in Photography, Finalist in TV Commercial

Jacob Steen, Fergus Falls, MN

Samual Steen, Fergus Falls, MN…3rd Place in Runway, Finalist in Photography

Casey Thompson, Barnesville, MN…Spirit Award

*pictures of contestants available upon request

Ms. Ertelt is very proud of their overall success at the AMTC Convention. She is currently in the process of following up with placement and looking forward to the next AMTC auditions being held February 19th, 2005, at the Holiday Inn in Fargo. The scheduled audition features AMTC National Scout, Stephanie Duke. For additional information, please contact Stacey Ertelt at the Academie Agencie at (701) 235-8132, tollfree at 888.271-8948, or

We have 9 contestants, check here to find out how they're doing....

Sunday, January 9, 2005

The big day.....Awards Banquet

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Today was the last day of the competitions, seminars and finally the children's Awards Banquet.  After the banquet was the Mad Hatter Dance Party.  Everyone loved the dance party- there's some really good dancers here.

Friday, January 7, 2005

More competitions, seminars and the Talent Showcase.  Talent Showcase is where the judges select their favorite commercials, dancers, musicians, actors to put on a show for everyone to see some really awesome talent.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Today was the big competition day.  It was a very long day for all the competitors, but it was excellent.  There are some really great models and actors here.  This is when you realize you're competing against extremely talented and well trained
people from all over the world.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Registration continued...Today was a day for rehearsals, runway practice, microphone and stage practice.  There were a couple of seminars, "The Business of Show Business" by Mari Lyn Henry, "Professional Dancers" by Ted Brunson, "Hollywood to New York" by Bob Cook, "Role Models of Success" by Stephanie Duke and "Runaway Runway" by Stephanie Duke.  Conetestants and their parents got their picture taken together.  It's really fun to see all of those pictures on the big screen during the banquet - you would be surprised how much kids and parents really do look alike.  The Gospel Choir started auditions today; this choir is formed from contestants each time from scratch and they come together and sing at the banquet.  When you get this much talent in one place, you can expect the Gospel Choir to impress every time.  The first of the competitions started - monologues for actors and the dance competition.  Thursday will really get things started.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Today was check in and registration for most of the contestants.  This is where you are assigned your talent number, get your schedule, t-shirt, program book etc....  There's a few acting competitions in the evening, but the real stuff will start tomorrow.

The Seaworld Renaissance Convention Center in Orlando
The Seaworld Renaissance Convention Center in Orlando


(Fargo, ND) Stacey Ertelt, owner and director of the Academie Agencie in Fargo, has announced that they have been invited to attend the American Model and Talent Convention.

The Academie Agencie under direction of Stacey Ertelt has accepted the invitation to represent models at The Actors, Models and Talent Competition. The Actors, Models and Talent Competition is the most respected competition in North America. Since 1982 the AMTC has invited new models, actors, and entertainers to compete in front of the world’s leading Agents. Contestants come to find out if they have what it takes to work in a major market like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Paris, Milan, or Tokyo. They come to learn. Competitors are offered in Runway, Photography, Swimsuit, TV Commercials, Acting, Singing, Dance, and more. Children, teens, and adults, from beginners to professionals, perform for top scouts—industry leaders that new talent might never meet under normal circumstances. Years worth of auditions are condensed into 4 days. Instead of traveling worldwide to these Agents (if you could), Agents come to AMTC. Education, opportunity, and placement are the goals. Through excellent seminars, contestants and their families begin to understand this industry. Locally, AMTC teams up with a respected Agent (Stacey Ertelt, The Academie Agencie) who will select and prepare participants. Our step by step approach allows new talent the time, training, and venue to advance to national work.

Ms Ertelt and her staff will work closely with each model/talent preparing them for this national level competition. Each model/talent will receive intense instruction on Runway, Commercial, Print, Sitcom and Soap Opera. Ms. Ertelt states, "We have great models and talent in this region, and until now they have not had the opportunity to showcase their look and talents to top Scouts, Casting Directors, and Agents outside the local market. That is a reality the Academie intends to change."

In addition, Ms. Ertelt indicated that her company would like to invite anyone interested in exploring their potential in the modeling/talent industry to attend their weekly open calls. There is no fee for the audition. However, you must register to attend and kids under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. For additional information, please contact Stacey Ertelt at the Academie Agencie at (701) 235-8132.

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